A Message from the Artist

My work strives through visual representation to activate in the art patron, observer and gallery viewer a moment of thought, sensory awareness and reaction.

In my mind, it is not enough that a work of art hangs on the gallery wall and a viewer glances at it for fifteen seconds and moves on to the next piece.  A contemporary work should do more.


“Wild Brior” – Print

I believe that awareness and response can be stimulated through the representation both realistically and/or abstractly by work on paper and canvas or in composition and sculpture, of some element, pattern, or symbol which awakens in the viewer a memory.  By placing color, pattern, or other representation next to each other, in layers or in unexpected dimension, I hope to draw from the viewer a memory whether real or imaginary.

Comments such as “Oh, that reminds me of my aunt—“ or ”I can imagine that this is what—looks like” are of equal value.  One being from memory and one from imagination but both extend my art in a particular manner with the observer as participant.

This goal is true in all of my work and particularly so in the woven and layered print pieces.  In the woven work, the overall composition can be viewed as a work unto itself but the detail and textures of a single small area can also trigger awareness.  It is intriguing to examine that single piece.  It is also intriguing to try to reconnect or fit it back together with its parts, which are now separated, moved vertically, horizontally or entirely hidden.  The layered prints on tissue paper allow images to be glimpsed, and compounded but complicated by what is on top and what is underneath.  Mental construction of the entire composition is required in examination of these layers.

Woven Print

“Prefect Light” – Woven Print

Woven Print

“Absolute Immersion” – Woven Print









The investigation and awareness of prints deconstructed and reconstructed, physically and requiring participation awakens memory of things found in each tiny piece, in separate places, and layers while ultimately leading back to observation of the piece as a single composition.

One comment on “About

  1. My name is Linda Martin. I am co-chairing the silent auction for the Gala. In writing the copy for the items offered I went to your website and was moved, not only by the work itself, but by the la gauge you use in describing your work. Very moving. I am going to big on the Printmaking class you are offering to meet you and to have exposure to your talent. Thank you for your generous donation.
    Best, Linda

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